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FRC 1 Flame Retardant

We manufacture FRC 1 Flame Retardant, which is an easily applied solution offering a simple method of treating and protecting most fabrics, textiles, leather, timber, paper and cardboard products from fire.

FRC 1 Flame Retardant is a water-based, pleasantly perfumed solution, which is supplied ready to use, so there are no worries about diluting the correct mixture.

FRC 1 can be supplied in concentrated form if required please contact us for further details.

FRC 1 Flame Retardant will protect stage curtains, carpets, blinds, tent fabrics, wall coverings, artificial plants and aircraft seating, etc. and is ideal for use in theatres, hotels, schools, residential homes, village halls and any public areas where flame retarding is required.

We are now granting manufacturing licenses to enable companies to manufacture and use/distribute FRC 1 Flame Retardant both in the United Kingdom and aboard.

We welcome enquiries from UK and international trade distributors. Please
contact us for further details.