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Fireproofing Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Fire can be devastating, but the effects of a fire related incident at a business premises, can cause major disruption for the business long after the fire itself. Our fire proofing services for carpet, fabrics, carpets and upholstery are available nationally throughout the UK.

To help with any queries you may have, please check out our frequently asked questions and queries we receive on our services and FRC1 Flame Retardant.

Are your Fireproofing Services offered nationally??
Yes our fire proofing services for fabrics, curtains etc. is offered all over the UK through out network of Franchisees. For more information on your nearest Flame Retarding specialist, contact us now.

What fabrics can be flame retarded with FRC1 solution?
Almost all fabrics whether natural or man made can be flame retarded, however there are some such as acetate where the finish may be affected, we will always be pleased to advise on the suitability of fabrics for flame retarding.

What standards can be achieved with FRC1?
Most British Standards together with many EU standards, CAA and FAR/JAR can be achieved, however not every standard can be achieved with every material, so we would recommend that clients check with us if they have any doubts.

Is FRC1 suitable for use in schools etc?
Yes FRC1 is safe for use in public areas and as we apply FRC1 by low pressure spray, there is no atomising, however we still follow good health and safety practices when applying FRC1.

Where are curtains etc treated?
Application is normally carried out on site so the client has no need to arrange carriage of the curtains, however there are some instances where small quantities can be treated at our unit.

Can I buy FRC1 solution and treat the curtains myself?
Yes we supply FRC1 for clients to apply themselves, however in these instances there is no certificate of treatment provided, as we have no control over the application.

Do the curtains etc have to be cleaned first?
Flame retardant should only be applied to new or freshly cleaned curtains or fabrics, this is because the flame retardant won't soak in properly and the finish of the curtains can be affected or spoiled.

Why should I have curtains etc flame retarded?
There are various reasons for having curtains etc flame retarded, it could be to comply with buildings insurance, local authority or other licensing requirements, or to comply with your fire risk assessment.

Should I flame retard the curtains etc in my house?
Unlike domestic furniture, there is no legal requirement for curtains in residential properties to be flame retardant, however if you want to treat them you will have the peace of mind that your curtains are that much safer.

How often should I have my curtains flame retarded?
Most fire brigades and insurance companies work on a 5 year cycle for curtains to be flame retarded, however we have had instances where the fire or licensing officers have asked for shorter cycle due to higher risks in some buildings.

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